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Welcome to MaddenLeagues.Net

The ultimate goal of MaddenLeagues.Net is to provide an easy-to-use, automated web interface for managing Madden Leagues using the PC platform.

What does MaddenLeagues.Net have to offer?
  • Madden League Hosting for Franchise Based Leagues, including Custom League Support
  • Automated Statistics for every player and team in your Madden League using custom and default exports available from the PC version of Madden
  • Simple Web Interface for Owner and Administrative functions
  • Dynamically updated pages including: power rankings, team rankings, standings, and more
  • Hosted Sites are powered by a Dell 2970 Dedicated Server located in Portland, Oregon housed at the Lightpoint Communications Datacenter

If you have questions or comments about MaddenLeagues.Net, please feel free contact us at info@maddenleagues.net.  Ready to join the online Madden League revolution? Visit our Sign Up Page for details.

Looking for a league to join or league members?

Visit our hosted leagues to hook up with fellow Madden League players.


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